Section Plats & Maps

Main Plats:

NOTE:  Brown Lake Area Roads No Longer Private. (Sec 2 Block 6 Plat Pages 7-9)  Accepted into County Maint System 4/26/16

NOTE: Survey Plat building setback lines notations are NOT correct.  Deed Restrictions are governing.  Front 75 ft / Rear 40 ft  / Sides 15 ft 

FEMA Floodplain designated areas have changed since original plats were filed.  Check  FEMA maps below for most current information.  Process used to have a FEMA map changed if believed to be incorrect is called a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment)

Subdivided Lots inside Peach Creek Plantation:

 Montgomery County GIS Maps ( Geographic Information System ):

San Jacinto County Maps

Texas Forest Service Land Info & Mapping ( Choose Plan My Land Operation for most layer options )