Board Meeting Rules of Order

  1. Board Meetings are open to all property owners. Notice of meetings will be done in accordance with Texas Property Code and the governing documents of the Association.  Date, time and place will be posted at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting on the POA website.  Notice is also regularly placed in a conspicuous location at the front entrance on North Duck Creek,  and at the Peach Creek Estates entrance.  Notice will also be sent out using the Remind App.

  2. Owners Forum – Immediately preceding each meeting, any property owner may briefly address the Board by signing the Request to Comment Sign-in Sheet prior to that Board Meeting. Each owner will be allowed up to 5 minutes to comment, with a maximum of 30 minutes dedicated to the Owner Forum. At the conclusion of the Owners Forum, owners are welcome to attend the Board meeting (except for the Executive Session), but not to participate in the Board’s discussion unless specifically invited to do so by the Board. 

  3. Owners must be on the meeting agenda in order to address the Board during a meeting. Members are encouraged to speak freely and openly during their time for addressing the Board at a meeting or Owners Forum. 

  4. Executive Session – If called, will consider actions involving personnel, pending litigation, negotiations, enforcement actions, matters involving invasion of privacy of individual Owners, or matters that are to remain confidential by request of the affected parties and agreement of the Board. 

  5. Property owners are asked to respect the privacy of Board Members and address all issues to the Board via regular mail or email as listed on the website or during the Owners Forum at a Board Meeting.   Voice messages may be left for many of the Board Members by calling the POA phone number and entering the extension for the Board Member you wish to leave the message for.  See the contact us page for contact info. 

  6. Conduct: Members will refrain from personal attacks, profanity or aggressive behavior. Anyone exhibiting inappropriate conduct will be asked to leave.