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Covenants / Deed Restrictions 

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Montgomery County Culvert Installation Program 

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Montgomery County Permitting (Development (Building) / Septic) 

San Jacinto County Permitting (Development (Building ) / Septic) 

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Montgomery County Ordinances 

Texas Property Code (see section 204.011 for ACC ) 

ICC Public Access Building Codes ( reference only / Texas House Bill 1736 adopted 2015 Energy Conservation Code IECC 2015 ) 

All improvements must be submitted to the ACC  and approval received PRIOR to initiating any work.  See the below list of items along with site plan and supporting documents

The ACC considers compatibility with the overall character and aesthetics of the Subdivision as part of the process.  If considering a non-conventional home design or doubt exists about approvability, please contact the ACC in the design stage of your  home / improvement.  In short, homes needs to contain multiple exterior design features that help make them look a home.  (

For structures please include the following along with the ACC improvement Request Form

  1. All 4 elevation views.
  2. Floor-Plans or each floor for homes & other structures showing measurements or sq footage.
  3. Site Plan - To scale drawing of improvement on sketch or copy of lot survey.  Show measurements to all property lines.   Show placement of existing structures like a home.   If the lot contains any floodplain make sure to note its location.  Article III Sec 9  (reference FEMA flood plain maps & recorded plat) 
  4. Exterior Colors examples / images (siding / trim / stone / roof / etc...)
  5. Development (Building) Permit & Septic Permits for homes / structures  (If the permits have been issued include otherwise provide the ACC with a copy of the permits before construction begins)  Montgomery County issues combined permit.  San Jacinto County (Estates) issues separate permits. 
  6. Form Board Survey.  ( For homes within 10ft of a build line a form board survey will be requested to insure final placement meets build line requirements )
  7. For fences a sketch or representative photo of the requested design along with materials to be used.  (***See additional info below for fences ***)

Building (Development) & Septic Permits -  These are separate from the POA / ACC Improvement Request Form.  These permits are issued by the county and may be a combined permit or separate permits depending on the county.  The ACC needs copies of both permits (or single combined permit)  before construction of the home begins.  See the links at top of this page for the county Permitting Department.

Call 811 before digging in or near utility easements.

NOTE: Survey Plat building setback lines notations are NOT correct.  Deed Restrictions are governing.  Refer to Article IV Section 4   -  75 ft from any street  / Rear 40 ft  / Interior Sides 15 ft 

Application review and approval can take up to 3 weeks depending on volunteer committee member workload.

Fences (Article IV Section 6)
No view blocking fences between the home and street. As a general rule view blocking fences & walls along the road frontage or lakes and between the home and street have been determined to not be compatible with the overall character and aesthetics of the Subdivision.  If considering a view blocking design consult with the ACC or consider a more natural solution like shrubbery or trees.

The ACC generally limits Road Frontage Fence height to between 4 - 5 ft tall.

All fences must be made of new material and approved by the ACC.  All road frontage fences must be constructed of wood, vinyl, wrought iron, or masonry.  Please refer to Article IV Section 6.

Fences need to be kept out of Drainage Easements. (roughly 30' from road) ( reference Montgomery County Subdivision Guidelines Sec 2 / III / A ) "This easement shall be kept clear of fences, buildings, plants and other obstructions to the operation and maintenance of the drainage facility......"

Propane Tanks (Article IV Section 13)

If planning to use propane remember that Article IV Section 13 of the deed restrictions states that the tank must be placed a min of 25 ft behind the front line of the residence and reasonably screened from street view. 

Submitting completed Forms and documentation

Email is the preferred way to submit application forms:  Please email completed form and attachments to

Forms may also mailed to the POA address below.

Peach Creek Plantation
c/o Goodwin & Company
28420 Hardy Toll Rd, Suite 210
Spring, TX 77373


For new home construction you might consider hiring an independent home inspector to do phase inspections throughout the building process.   Some builders already provide this service.  The service providers list contains a list of several inspectors from the area.   



As per the COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS for PEACH CREEK PLANTATION, one of the reasons the Property Owners Association was formed is to govern, control,and preserve the values and amenities of the Property for the better development, improvement, sale, use and enjoyment of the Property.

The Committee shall be responsible for enforcing and maintaining the architectural integrity of improvements constructed on the Lots and the quality of workmanship and materials utilized in the construction of such improvement in conformance with the restrictions herein.


" No building, structure or other improvements shall be commenced, erected, maintained or constructed on any Lot until the site plan (including a description of the trees to be cleared on the Lot) and the final working plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Committee as to conformity with the restrictions herein contained and harmony of external design and location in relation to existing structures and topography. In the event the Committee fails to approve or disapprove the site plan and plans and specifications for proposed improvement or clearing within thirty (30) days after submission of all such materials to the Committee, approval thereof shall be deemed to have been given; provided, however, failure to approve or disapprove such site plan and final working plans and specifications shall not be deemed to permit the construction of any improvements in a manner prohibited under the terms of this Declaration. The committee shall have the right to specify architectural and aesthetic requirements for building sites, minimum setback lines, the location, height, and extent of fences, walls or other screening devices, the orientation of structures with respect to streets, walks paths and structures on adjacent property and acceptable exterior materials, colors and finishes that may be utilized in construction or repair or improvement. The Committee shall have full power and authority to reject any site plan or final working plans and specification that do not comply with the restriction herein contained or that do not meet its minimum construction or architectural design requirements or that, in the sole and uncontrolled discretion and opinion of the Committee, will not be compatible with the overall character and aesthetics of the Subdivision."

For more information pertaining to the duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC or Committee) refer to the following documents:

Peach Creek Plantation POA

Covenants, Conditions,& Restrictions

Section II - Architectural Control Committee.


Texas Property Code Sec. 204.011. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE.